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Movie Review: Mickey Blue Eyes

Story: Charming British auctioneer living in NYC falls in love with a mobsters daughter and the fun(?) begins. Admittedly there are a few good laughs, but the weaknesses in the film are so overwhelming it is embarrassing. I am hereby taking a Hugh Grant holiday until he appears in a film with Nick Nolte.

Acting: Hugh Grant in yet another role (or is it the same role) as the stuttering, muttering, stammering, eye batting (still hasn't seem the opthamologist), too adorable Cary Grant wannabe. James Caan does a funny spoof of himself as an aging Sonny Corleone. Jeanne Tripplehorn in the who cares role as the love interest. And every character actor ever seen in every wiseguy movie and TV (Sopranos) show whose name ends in a vowel.

Visual Art: Plenty of art and it actually plays a large role in the film.

Pets: A neighbors dog, briefly seen and under utilized, and a stuffed animal with quite a large part (got some good laughs from me).

Sappy Factor: 9

Predictability Factor: (a new category when applicable) 10

LOBO HOWLS: 4 (fuhgeddaboudit!)