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Movie Review: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Story: This adaptation of Shakespeare's tale takes place in the 1890's Tuscany of one's dreams - all luscious, green and romantic. (NOT like Tea With Mussolini). A charming romp (movie reviewer's lingo here) with a seductive set design, perfect lighting and of course, faeries.

Acting: Kevin Kline's comedic flare works terrificly as Bottoms, Michelle Pfeiffer is drop dead gorgeous and is always the faery Queen, Calista Flockhart is good, but annoyingly like Ally McBeal and there is something about her that reminds me of a Michelle Pfeiffer look-a-like gone terribly wrong. Stanley Tucci is an aging Puck, but it works and Rupert Everett, well, he is also a favorite of mine and is very handsome and is always semi-naked. A huge supporting cast - all working well and adding to the enjoyment of the film. Oh yes, the soundtrack is wonderful.