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Movie Review: Momma's Man

Alternate Title: Lethal Projection

Story: Cut to the chase - I hated this film. I hated the story. I hated the pacing. I hated the characters. I hated the set. The only thing I liked was the cat and the fact that the film eventually ended.

Written and directed by Azazel Jacobs it is the story of a man who refuses to grow up and accept his responsibilities. No, not in a cute, Peter Pan-ish way either. He visits his parents' cluttered, claustrophobic loft in NYC where he grew up and does not want to return to his wife and baby daughter in California. He uses excuse after excuse to stay in the nest of his youth. He rifles through his old toys, old letters and old baggage while his artsy parents indulge his obvious juvenile behavior.

Director Jacobs uses his own parents and the loft he grew up in to tell this story. The critics adored this tale of depression and ennui. I wanted to face slap this indulgent young man and kick him the hell off of the screen.

Watch the trailer to see the loft, the cat and the characters: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1q7fTxeZgVU

Acting: Matt Boren as Mikey actually was fine in this role. I just hated the character. Artist Flo Jacobs as Mom, was fine as the indulgent, always protective one. Avant garde film maker, Ken Jacobs as Dad made me want to take a nap.

Trivia: During the of this film, I created my own plot development to move the story along. I enriched my sister's movie experience in suggesting that the Momma's Man could die in a fall down his stairs, burn alive in a massive fire in the cluttered loft, cut his throat while shaving, drown in self pity or die in an airplane crash if he ever boarded the plane to go home.

Predilection: None

Critters: A sweet cat.

Food: Pasta, pasta and more pasta.

Sex Spectrum: If there was any sex it would have implied action in the plot.

Blatant Product Placement: Welch's Grape Juice

Soundtrack: I was groaning so loud I do not remember the music.

Opening Titles: Don't remember

Visual Art: The downtown loft was so cluttered I could not get the Collier Brothers out of my mind.

Theater Audience: About 15 other coma-like viewers.

Weather: It was winter in NYC

Sappy Factor: 0

Quirky Meter: 0

Squirm Scale: Groan scale would be a better category for this one.

Drift Factor: I planned the rest of 2008 while watching this crap.

Predictability Level: I did not care

Tissue Usage: 0

Oscar Worthy: Ha

Big Screen or Rental: Neither

Length: 90 long long minutes

LOBO HOWLS: 1 (for the cat)