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Movie Review: Mumford

Story: Directed by Lawrence Kasden (The Big Chill, Grand Canyon, etc, and did you know he wrote The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark?) This charming, slightly quirky (I really like full blown quirky), but a bit sappy, story of a small town psychologist (who turns out to be a fake) and the magic he weaves helping his patients whose problems range from chronic fatigue syndrome to addiction to shopping. It's an enjoyable film that gave me lots of small laughs and many smiles but did not stay with me through the exit doors.

Acting: Loren Dean (all grown up since Billy Budd) is quite likable as the psychologist (I would like to see him in more films - he seems interesting). Lots of good supporting characters including Hope Davis (Chasing Amy) as the love interest, Mary McDonnell (a long way from Dancing With Wolves, but appeared in Kasdens' Grand Canyon as well), Jason Lee, Alfre Woodard and Ted Danson (looking mighty skeletal).

Pets: One sweet yellow Lab

Visual Art: None

Sappy Factor: 5

Length: Under the 2 hour rule