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Movie Review: The Muse

Story: 40ish Hollywood screenwriter suffers from losing his edge (which actually occurs in this film), discovers an insider secret concerning a Muse (allowing cameo appearances by Rob Reiner, Scorsese, Cameron, etc), hires her and then the fun should begin. Here's where I got disappointed. I am a BIG Albert Brooks fan (though not as a big a fan as others on this movie list) but where hilarity and big laughs should abound, there are only glimpses of his former brilliance (but those parts are really funny). As I struggle with my own Muse lately I can understand giving all to the Muse gets rewards, but this Muse is too uneven.

Acting: Albert Brooks is too underwhelming. Sharon Stone, doing comedy, is actually pretty good, for Sharon Stone. Andie MacDowell (just why does anyone hire this woman? Remember her first role in Greystoke, Lord of the Jungle they had to dub in her speaking part for final release because she was so unintelligible?) is consistently bad. Some of the unknown actors in small scenes are quite hilarious.

Pets: Some fish

Sappy Factor: Not applicable here

Length: Under the 2-hour rule (which helped a bit)