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Movie Review: Music of the Heart

Story: In the tradition of one person can make a difference this true story, surprisingly directed by the master of the horror flick, Wes Craven, depicts, Roberta Guspari, who in the early 80's started a violin program for children in an East Harlem Alternative Grade School. Her trials and triumphs are told through a ten year period. If this was not a true story I would not have believed it.

Starring: Meryl Streep (always good, sans accent, but with the ever present hand wringing and teary eyes), Aiden Quinn (getting better looking all the time), Angela Bassett and about 50 of the most adorable violin playing kids ever seen or heard. There are also guest appearances by Isaac Stern, Itzac Perlman and Carnegie Hall.

Pets: One shaggy dog (very good actor).

Visual Art: Not much

Sappy Factor: 9 (Imagine all that violin music combined with kids who achieve success even with overwhelming odds against them and you can only imagine the sappy factor - however, if it is a true story the dilemma is, can it be sappy?)