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Movie Review: My Son the Fanatic

Story: A Pakistani cab driver living in Northern England for 25 years has his immigrants dream turned upside down when his seemingly assimilated son turns to Islamic fundamentalism. He further complicates his own life by getting involved with a hooker. Written by Hanif Kureishi, who also brought us those fabulous films, My Beautiful Laundrette (remember a young Daniel Day Lewis? What ever happened to him anyway? ) and Sammy and Rosie Get Laid, has once again turned worlds upside down for the characters and us. He reminds us that change of life can occur at any age which I found cinematically refreshing.

Acting: Om Puri (In Custody) has a face that speaks of much history, suffering and anguish. I happen to like this kind of face, crags and all. He is outstanding as the cab driver. Rachel Griffiths ('98 Oscar nominee for Hillary and Jackie) is hardly recognizable here and also fabulous as the hooker. The dutiful wife and son and all of the other supporting characters help carry this wonderful, yet not for everyone, film.

Sappy Factor: None