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Movie Review: Nacho Libre

Alternate Title: Montezuma's Revenge

Story: This movie stunk! It wasn't funny. It wasn't clever. It wasn't technically interesting. It wasn't worth my time or money. So do yourself a favor and don't even watch it for free on Cable when it comes your way (in about a week).

Lucha libre is a popular wrestling form in Mexico. This so called film was supposed to be a satire about the sport. It was not. It was juvenile and insulting.

Essentially we meet a monk called Nacho, whose only duties at the orphanage is as the cook. He wants to be a wrestler and plans to use his winnings on the children. He immediately tosses off his vows of celibacy when an attractive Nun joins the staff as a teacher. Oh really - who cares?

Director and screenwriter Jared Hess of Napoleon Dynamite (I hated that film too) once again uses his sophomoric wit to try to gain an audience. Stay away.

Acting: Jack Black is usually funny. Not this time.

Predilection: I like jack Black (at least I used to like him).

Food: Gruel and tostadas.

Soundtrack: I am sure it was awful. I don't remember hearing anything.

Opening Titles: Don't remember

Visual Art: Hokey

Theater Audience: An unimpressed audience. Even the 12 year old boys did not laugh.

Squirm Scale: I squirmed at how awful this piece of crap was.

Drift Factor: Constant drifting. I planned the entire month of July while watching this junk.

Predictability Level: Over the top

Tissue Usage: I cried at the waste of time and money.

Oscar Worthy: Ha! More like Razzie worthy.

Big Screen or Rental: Neither

Length: too long at whatever length it was.