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Movie Review: October Sky

Story: Sappy and Up-lifting (sounds like two of the Seven Dwarfs) have been relegated to either the Hallmark Hall of Fame or The Lifetime Network, both on TV. However, this true story of Astronaut Engineer Homer Hoakum, Jr. (can you believe that name?) fits into this category. Basically it is October, 1957, in Coalwood, Virginia... a backward, rural, rooted in black-lung disease and proud of it kind of town. Sputnik goes up and a boy is inspired to greatness. So, boy has dream, Dad (Chris Cooper of Lone Star) tries to crush dream (lots of violins in the sound track), boy is inspired by a teacher (what is with Laura Dern? I am breginning to find her mildly annoying), and of course, boy achieves dream.

Acting: Adequate to good