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Movie Review: Onegin

This 1999 film is still in a local theater near me and was on my to do list, but lo and behold, I noticed it was premiering on one of my cable stations last night. So I saved myself $9.50 (thank goodness) and watched in the comfort of my own living room on my woefully small TV screen. Therefore, since it is still playing at your local movie house, I am reviewing it as if I paid full price. My review - my rules.

Story: Adapted from Alexander Pushkin's 19th century novel about the idle rich of St. Petersburg, this is an all-Fiennes production. Directed by Martha Fiennes (Ralph's sister), original music by Magnus Fiennes (Ralph's brother), produced by and starring, who else, Ralph Fiennes. This is one fine family, but one dud on a movie. Like most Russian novels, it involves love, jealousy, unrequited love, obsession, duels, social injustice, general depression and bad weather. The good news is that it is a delicious looking film. Each scene is filled with atmosphere and composed by a true cinematographer with quite an eye. Perhaps I should have taken advantage of my mute button and just watched instead of listening to all of the incessant whining.

Acting: Ralph Fiennes can do the obsessive love thing all too well. He is very good at it, but even I can tire of this actor in repeated portrayals. Liv Tyler plays his obsession and she is way over her head in this period piece. She pouts and stares and pouts some more. Puhleeeze! Some really bad casting here.

Pets: Some beautiful Russian wolfhounds

Visual Art: None

Soundtrack: Very moody - worked well with the cinematography.

Tissue Usage: 0 (I did blow my nose a lot, but the cats were hanging around me).

Length: Thankfully only 106 minutes.