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Movie Review: Outside Providence

Story: The Farrelly brothers' (this is NOT another There's Something About Mary) story of 1974 Pawtucket, RI, a blue-collar kid, who, when in trouble, gets shipped off to a prep school in Connecticut for Senior year. This poignant, please do not confuse poignant with sappy, way above average, mostly predictable (but not annoyingly so) coming of age film is very funny, very human and only 95 minutes long.

Acting: Steve Hatosy as the kid is simply perfect. We all knew someone like this and he is very lovable and hugable. Alec Baldwin as the blue-collar Dad has a three day beard throughout, a bit of a belly (yet still looks strikingly handsome to me), and is right on the money in this low key part. All of the other parts are supportingly correct.

Pets: One three legged, one- eyed dog named Clops.

Visual Art: None

Length: Perfect