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Movie Review: Priceless (Hors de Prix)

Alternate Title: Love is a Many Sparkly Thing

Story: Put on your beret, open your mind, sit back and enjoy this delightful, funny, elegant tale of love, French style. The film was directed by Pierre Salvadori and written by Pierre Salvadori and Benoit Graffin and is a mature, whimsical look at what is definitely not an American film about gold diggers and their sugar mommies and daddies.

Irene is young, beautiful and economically challenged. Her goal in life is to nab a fabulously wealthy older man and live her life in the style of the rich and famous. Through an identity mix up she finds herself mistakenly involved with a poor, dog walking, bartender. Quelle surprise! A few twists later, the poor bartender himself becomes the apple of an elder woman's eye. Lessons in love and seduction are hilarious and filled with heart.

The film is filled with physical comedy, sight gags, beautiful people and surroundings. Take a couple of hours out and enjoy this film. It will make you want to travel to the French Riviera even though the dollar is pissy weak against the Euro.

Acting: Audrey Tautou (Amelie) as Irene is perfect. How her dresses stay on her body is one of the marvels of the film.Gad Elmaleh as the unsuspecting, smitten bartender is terrific too.

Predilection: None

Critters: It is a French film so of course there will be dogs and more dogs.

Food: Oo la la! Caviar, lobster and oodles of champagne.

Sex Spectrum: Lots of implied sex but no visuals.

Blatant Product Placement: Every designer label you can think of from Chanel to Gucci.

Soundtrack: Fun

Opening Titles: An elegant graphic

Visual Art: There is much to gaze upon in this sumptuous film.

Theater Audience: About 20 other delighted patrons. This film was seen at the Regal Square 14th Street Cineplex on April 3, 2008

Weather: Perfect - mais naturellement

Sappy Factor: 1

Quirky Meter: 0

Squirm Scale: 0

Drift Factor: I did not drift at all.

Predictability Level: High

Tissue Usage: 0

Oscar Worthy: No

Big Screen or Rental: Rental would be fine but it is fun on the big screen. For some of Audrey Tautou's other films try renting: The Da Vinci Code, A Very Long Engagement, Dirty Pretty Things , 'L Auberge espagnole, and Amélie

Length: Under two hours