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Movie Review: Real Women Have Curves

Story: Think My Big Fat Greek Wedding without the Greeks or the sight gags. Add some powerful acting, a terrific script and a surprisingly fresh look into the Mexican American culture of first generation Latinos living in LA and you have Real Women Have Curves. Masterfully directed by Patricia Cardoso, adapted from a play by Josephina Lopez, we enjoy a slice of life of a fast growing sector of America.

The traditional conflicts between mothers and daughters and the demands and dreams of these generational schisms drive this film. Young Ana is bright and wants more out of her life while her mother is holding her back - not wanting her to have her own life. The old if it was good enough for me, it's good enough for you seems to permeate through all cultures. The men are surprisingly treated with reverence even though this is clearly a film about women. Go see it and enjoy the obvious love and hard work that went into its making. Let's hear it for the big girls!

Acting: Kudos to young America Ferrera in a powerful career making (if there are any of directors brave enough to cast her) role as the defiant, Ana. She was a joy to watch on the screen. And sombreros off to Lupe Ontiveros, as her equally defiant Mother. Both actresses earned awards at this year's Sundance Film Festival for their terrific peformances.

Critters: Some street dogs in cameo roles and two adored parakeets.

Food: Flan has a big part.

Visual Art: Wonderful detail throughout the homes.

Blatant Product Placement: Apple Computers and Aquafina Water

Soundtrack: Lots of terrific toe tapping Mexican tunes.

Opening Titles: Simple.

Theater Audience: Sparsely attended but those of us that were there were very audible.

Predictability Level: High (at least I hoped it was going my way of thought).

Oscar Worthy: The two lead actresses could get a nod. That would be great.

Nit Picking: The middle dragged a bit.

Big Screen or Rental: Big, wide screen for sure to match those big wide curves.

Length: 90 minutes.