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Movie Review: The Red Violin

Story: This is an epic tale of the travails of a red violin conceived in the 18th century and followed through four different ownerships to a present day auction house and possibly the next owner. It is sometimes a slow journey but I ignored the holes in the plot and just went with the haunting soundtrack. I didn't look at my watch until ten minutes before the end, so that is not too bad.

Acting: Other than Samuel Jackson (who is now in every movie) and Greta Scacchi (where has she been?)I have no idea who anybody was but it did not matter. Some over the top scenes (violin playing gets very passionate for some) but all in all it was an even performance.

Bonus': Here is a new LOBO category. This film had gypsies AND a fortune teller! All it needed was Brendan Fraser and I would have been very happy.

LOBO HOWLS: 7 (extra credit for the gypsy stuff and for releasing this film during the summer)