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Movie Review: Regret to Inform

Story: Director Barbara Sonnenborn's husband was killed in Vietnam in 1968. This is a 1998 Oscar nominated homage to the soldiers on both sides who did not return. She makes a trip with a Vietnamese friend to Vietnam to actually see the place where her husband was killed. Through interviews, grainy footage and in interesting sound track we are reminded, yet again, of the horrors and uselessness of war.

Sappy Factor: None

Acting: The director gets kudos for finding real people who were able to be so articulate about this subject and their experiences.

LOBO HOWLS: 6 (Note: Also interesting for me was the discussion after the film with my friend who is a bit younger than me and lived in another part of the country at the time of the War. We were able to compare what our lives were like at the time, or as we remember them to be).