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Movie Review: Reprise

Alternate Title: The Incredible Heaviness of Scandinavia

Story: Some foreign films translate to an American audience's mind set better than others. This award winning Norwegian film directed and co-written by Joachim Trier expresses the traditional Scandinavian traits such as depression, ennui, suicide attempts, isolation, self-destruction and angst. These traits are not what you usually find in a Hollywood blockbuster, eh?

That said, there are some fine things to admire in this import that all lovers of film can enjoy. The first 10 minutes of the film are amazing. We meet our two protagonists at a mailbox as they are about to post their brilliant novels to publishers. We experience in a vignette what might have happened if all went well for the two of them. The remainder of the film explores what actually happened to the two young men after this meeting at the mailbox.

The film surveys the rocky road of celebrity as one of the young men hits it big and the other has to struggle the long road towards creating art. The film is about those youthful, sweet years when all things are possible and the gradual reality of life intruding on those dreams.

Check out the free-wheeling trailer. Keep in mind that the film is not as hip happy as it seems in the promo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymR9mWQDTT0

Acting: Espen Klouman-Høiner and Anders Danielsen Lie are superlative as the two young men. The rest of the cast is also fine including: Viktoria Winge, Henrik Elvestad, Christian Rubeck, Odd Magnus Williamson, Rebekka Karijord, Henrik Mestad, Pål Stokka, Sigmund Sæverud

Predilection: None

Critters: A dog with one of the cameos that made me laugh.

Food: With all of that angst there was not much time for slow dining.

Sex Spectrum: A sex scene with not much passion.

Soundtrack: Some loud tunes.

Visual Art: The film is stark and cold and my memory is in Black and White.

Theater Audience: About 10 other aficionados of foreign films at the Sunshine Theater.

Weather: It was fine in Oslo

Sappy Factor: 0

Quirky Meter: 0

Squirm Scale: The suicide attempt is squirmy.

Drift Factor: I did not drift at all.

Predictability Level: I had absolutely no idea where this film was headed.

Tissue Usage: 0

Oscar Worthy: No - although it won a bunch of awards in Norway.

Big Screen or Rental: If you want to see it on the big screen I have a feeling you need to hustle before it evolves into CD form.

Length: 110 minutes