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Movie Review: Rock Star

Story: You know that old adage - Be careful what you wish for ... because it might just come true? Well, that's exactly what happens to a wannabe rocker from Pittsburgh who is asked to replace his idol, the lead singer, in his favorite rock band.

It is loosely based on the true story of Tim Ripper Owens, an office supply salesman, who replaced Rob Halford of the heavy metal band, Judas Priest. Even though this film is pure schlock, complete with bad dialogue, poor editing, loud music (what else did I expect)?, nauseating strobe lights and over the top stereotypes, I was mildly entertained. I found myself laughing quite a bit (although I am not sure I was supposed to be laughing) and I certainly did a lot of toe tapping. This will definitely not be at the top of director Stephen Herek's resume, whose other directorial works include Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Holy Man, 101 Dalmatians and Mr. Holland's Opus.

Acting: What is it about Mark Wahlberg that is so special? In Boogie Nights it was his you know what organ, in Planet of the Apes it was his incredibly bad judgment and in Rock Star it is his vocal organs. He has a certain sweetness about him that is very appealing. Can he act? I have no idea, but I do like to watch him up there on the big screen. I have a feeling that most of Jennifer Aniston's part is on the cutting room floor.

Critters: During the end credits there was a declaration from the Humane Society that no animals were harmed during the filming of this movie. However, the only animals that I saw were the by products of many dead cows that is called leather. There is lots and lots and lots of leather in this film.

Food: Mostly booze.

Visual Art: Some wonderful posters.

Blatant Product Placement: Ferrari

Soundtrack: The only tunes I recognized were by The Beachboys and David Byrne. Everything else during the film sounded alike to me. There was a Marky Mark song that played during the hilarious ending credit roll. If you do go to see this film, you must stay for the credits.

Opening Titles: Very simple black and white. But beware of a film that can tell you the whole story during the opening credits. You will not be mentally challenged.

Theater Audience: A handful of rockers.

Sappy Factor: 5

Squirm Scale: There was a nipple piercing scene that was not pleasant.

Predictability Level: Off the scale

Oscar Worthy: Ha!

Nit Picking: The strobe lighting made me nuts!

Big Screen or Rental: Neither...unless you are a diehard rocker or Marky Mark fan. Rent The Doors or The Rose, instead.

Length: 110 minutes.