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Movie Review: Rosetta

Story: This is the incredibly disturbing, in your face, riveting tale of 17 year old Rosetta -whose life is so desperate she will do anything to escape from her situation. A job, however menial, represents a normal life - which would be better than living in a trailer park, in Belgium (whose economy is not like the U.S.') with her alcoholic, pregnant, whoring mother. This film won the Palm d'Or at last year's Cannes Film Festival. Brothers Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne (La Promesse) wrote and directed this documentary like gem - clearly not an American film. This is a difficult, moving film, but definitely not for everyone.

Acting: 18 year old Emilie Dequenne won best actress at Cannes for this portrayal. The camera is in her face, with claustrophobia-like close ups for the entire film. It is hard to believe that with her desperation she had not lived this kind of life for real. She was brilliant.

Pets: None

Sappy Factor: 0

Length: 95 riveting minutes