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Movie Review: The Sixth Sense

Story: A young boy sees dead people and not surprisingly, is frightened by this concept, as are we. A child psychologist, fighting demons of his own, tries to help.

Acting: Haley Joel Osment (look out for a preponderance of child starts with three names, who I heard was also Forrest Gump Jr. in the movie of the same name)) is perfect as the sad, scared, teary eyed boy - he is definitely the star of the movie. Bruce Willis is somewhat understated (for the man who along with Sly Stallone, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover brought us the concept of the sequel and then some) and often seems quite catatonic (or is it acting?) was not as bad as I had expected. Toni Collete (remember her deliciousness as the fat bride in the Australian movie My Beautiful Wedding..or some title like that which also gave us a young Minnie Driver, I think)? - plays the mother adequately, although I found her Brooklyn accent somewhat annoying considering the film is located in Philadelphia.

Pets: An under utilized puppy

Visual Art: Too dark to see any

Sappy Factor: 3 (Would not have been a category had they edited the last few minutes of the film).