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Movie Review: Snow Falling on Cedars

Story: The wonderful 1994 book by David Guterman has been turned into a visually brilliant but really boring movie by Director Scott Hicks (Shine). Perhaps if you didn't read the book you would like it better than I did. It is about a murder trial on an island off the coast of the state of Washington in 1950, prejudice, Japanese American internment camps in the 1940's, letting go and doing the right thing. Each scene is more beautiful than the last but this just does not replace a good screenplay. Close, but no cigar.

Acting: Everyone was more than adequate except for Ethan Hawke who looked like he was suffering with gas pains throughout the entire film. Guess what? He can't act.

Pets: One beautiful cat in a cameo appearance.

Visual Art: No need for any with all of the beautiful scenery.

Sappy Factor: 4

Quirky Meter: 0

Soundtrack: Dirge-like

Tissue Usage: 1

Length: 7 minutes over the 2 hour rule but it seemed much longer.