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Movie Review: Southern Comfort

Story: This is a wonderfully absorbing film by veteran filmmaker - documentarian Kate Davis. This film won the Best Documentary at Sundance this year. Davis produced, directed, wrote and edited this labor of love. The story covers the last year in the life of 52 year old Robert Eads who is a transgendered female to male. Ironically when Davis met Eads he had already been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and she did not think the film would get through the four seasons she had planned. He exudes warmth, pathos, humor and above all a great dignity. He wistfully claims he was dying from the only part of him left that was female. We meet members of Eads' biological and chosen family including two transgendered sons, a girlfriend Lola Cola (a trangendered male to female), two biological sons, his parents and grandchild. Southern Comfort refers to the transgendered female to male convention held annually in Atlanta. The weirdest pat was watching all of those good ol' boys who are biologically good ol' gals. Davis has filmed an extraordinary story and gives these gender pioneers great dignity and grace.

Acting: It is a documentary. There is no acting (I think).

Critters: Lots of Southern Doggies.

Food: Lots of good ol' Southern BBQ's.

Visual Art: The little art there was seemed to be purchased at a local Walmart.

Blatant Product Placement: None.

Soundtrack: Some appropriate country music.

Opening Titles: From the school of less is more.

Theater Audience: It was relatively crowded but I was chatting so much I didn't notice. This was definitely an accepting audience. It was playing at the Film Forum and the director was appearing at the 8 PM performance.

Quirky Meter: 8

Tissue Usage: I used none, however......my friend was crying so much a guy at the end of the row got up to offer her another tissue.

Oscar Worthy: Yes.

Nit Picking: It was perfect, as is.

Big Screen or Rental: Rental. This will most likely not get a wide play around the country on the big screen. It was produced with the help of HBO, so it will probably appear on TV soon. Rent Boys Don't Cry and see a different approach to a similar theme.

Length: 90 minutes