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Movie Review: Spider

Story: Story: If you are in the mood for a depressing, slower than molasses film - have I got a suggestion for you! Canadian director David Cronenberg working with author and screenwriter David McGrath have managed to gather a great cast and make a beautifully shot film that I hated. Go figure how that is possible.

The story is about a recently released mental patient who revisits his childhood traumas by going to his old neighborhood. You immediately know this was not going to be good therapy for this poor soul. The film shoots back and forth from the present to the past as we see the world through this character's eyes. It is not a pretty world. The film is shot at a snail's pace. After about forty-five minutes I simply didn't care what happened to anyone and couldn't wait for the torture to end. There are a few surprise plot twists but by the time they were revealed it was ho-hum.

Acting: The acting was terrific. Ralph Fiennes (except for a few really poor career choices) has made some excellent films including my favorites - Sunshine, The End of the Affair, Onegin, Oscar And Lucinda, Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights, Quiz Show and of course, Schindler's List. Gabriel Byrne has not made enough films. I like him a lot. The same kudos to Miranda Richardson. This great cast deserved a better film.

Predilection: None - although I do prefer dark challenging films.

Critters: Thankfully, none.

Food: Some gruel.

Visual Art: Two posters. One depicting a tranquil scene of sheep grazing and the other which read Keep Britain Tidy. For some reason that made me laugh.

Blatant Product Placement: Who would want to be associated with this depressing film except perhaps a pharmaceutical company?

Soundtrack: Don't remember.

Opening Titles: An interesting Rorschach type wall with images fading into peeling paint.

Theater Audience: Shockingly crowded with what I can only assume was the downtown chapter of the David Cronenberg fan club.

Predictability Level: I figured out the ending fairly quickly.

Oscar Worthy: No.

Nit Picking: I didn't like it enough to even think about what was bothering me.

Big Screen or Rental: Neither. But if you want to get to know director Cronenberg you could rent these: Existenz, Crash, Trial by Jury, M. Butterfly, Naked Lunch, Dead Ringers, The Fly, The Dead Zone and Scanners.

Length: Too long at under two hours.

LOBO HOWLS: 3 (One Lobo Howl for each actor)