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Movie Review: Summer of Sam

Story: It is the summer of 1977 (the summer that I will always remember as the summer Elvis allegedly died). NYC is hit with an unimaginable heat wave (just stick your head out the window today), a crazy serial killer, a pennant race, and a city that is taking on the appearance of Gomorrah (or is it Sodom?). This time Spike Lee roasts the Italian/American community to a new stereotypical high level.

Acting: Every cringing type is featured such as the macho/unfaithful hairdresser/ polyester wearing young husband, played by John Leguizamo, who is terrific, but did not work for me as an Italian. Mira Sorvino as the only truly evolving character in the film, is terrific as the adoring, pedestal sitting, faithful, eyes wide shut, hard working waitress wife. Adrien Brody, the misfit neighborhood friend, discovers punk rock, the East Village and that his pals don't quite accept his new look or behavior is outstanding. All of the supporting characters are fun/interesting/familiar/over the top/central casting roles.

Sappy Factor: 0 (New category appearing after last review of Notting Hill)

Plus': It's about New York, has many great details such as polyester, Plato's Retreat, a cameo role by Spike himself and wonderful acting. Even though flawed I enjoyed it.

Minus': It is 25 minutes over the 2 hour Lobo rule. Too many 2-dimensional moments.

Lobo Howls: 7

PS: The theater was packed and not a sound was heard from an amazingly diverse (good for Spike) audience.