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Movie Review: Sunshine

Alternate Title: Mission Impossible

Story: To boldly go where SPF 5,000,000 is needed could easily have been an alternate title for this wildly uneven but entertaining film by director Danny Boyle with his collaborating screenwriter, Alex Garland.

It is 50 or so years in the future and Earth is in big trouble because our sun is dying. The mission of the crew of Icarus II (Icarus I did not do well) is to essentially reboot the sun by driving nukes into its core.

The first two thirds of the film are intriguing, intelligent, stylish and visually exciting. There is a nice combination of science and good looking astronauts. Bits and pieces are appropriated from other films in this genre but why not borrow when it works? Suddenly the last 25 minutes turns into a different film. It seemed as if the script was sabotaged or voted out by a focus group. It degrades into a thriller/slasher/Survivor film that left me pissed, a little scared and very unsatisfied.

That said, if you like sci-fi, mixed in with sensational cinematography (Alwin H. Kuchler) and you do like to be frightened in a movie, than check it out.

Acting: It was an even performance level throughout the cast which included, Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans, Rose Byrne, Cliff Curtis, Michelle Yeoh, Hiroyuki Sanada, Troy Garity, Benedict Wong

Predilection: I like Cillian Murphy and I like outer space.

Critters: There are no critters in this outer space film.

Food: Chicken, noodles and carrots (grown in their hydroponics area)

Soundtrack: Spooky stuff by John Murphy and the Underworld

Opening Titles: All credits are at the end other than the initial title superimposed over a very exciting opening sequence.

Visual Art: Visuals that will knock your sunglasses off.

Theater Audience: Less people in the theater than on the shuttle.

Weather: Hot and very, very sunny.

Sappy Factor: 0

Quirky Meter: 0

Squirm Scale: The last 20 minutes were squirmy.

Drift Factor: There is drifting in outer space but I did not drift during the film.

Predictability Level: Moderate

Tissue Usage: 0

Oscar Worthy: The visuals were pretty amazing.

Big Screen or Rental: If you are going to see it the big screen would be the way to go. Director Danny Boyle has an interesting filmography. Check out any of these films. Millions, 28 Days Later, The Beach, A Life Less Ordinary and Trainspotting

Length: Under two hours