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Movie Review: This is My Father

Story: My weakness for all things Irish continues. A bitter, apathetic Chicago schoolteacher, impulsively goes to Ireland to track down the father he never knew. (I am oversimplifying here for the sake of brevity). An Irish gypsy woman ( another one of my weaknesses - gypsies) tells the story to him through flashbacks. It becomes a powerful love story that celebrates Irish culture with all of its warts. The downside is a teenage nephew that is along for the ride with a story that goes nowhere - but I choose to overlook this flaw because the Irish landscape is so breathtaking.

Acting: James Caan as the schoolteacher in his first understated role in years, Aiden Quinn, as the flashback father is terrific (he is aging nicely). Moya Farrelly as the flashback mother is a first rate beauty and spirit. There are some wonderful supporting characters right out of Dublin central casting including Stephen Rea as a sex obsessed priest in 1939 Ireland handing out Hail Mary punishments only after detailed sexual answers in the Confessional booth. The fighting Irish twin brothers are a hoot as well.