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Movie Review: The Thomas Crown Affair

Story: A remake of the 1968 film (I can't believe it was 31 years ago...oy!) but this time the theft is a priceless (but it does have a price tag of 100 million dollars) Monet. So, basically it is the heist ( the best part and lots of fun), the chase to catch the thief (uneven, but also fun), and the finale (more fun, even though I guessed it).

Acting: Pierce Brosnan, looking and actually acting quite fine (maybe Hugh Grant will end up like this guy) and classy as the gazillionaire financier and alleged art thief. Rene Russo, who always looks good as the insurance bounty hunter/love interest shows some real grit and has an amazing jaw line. Dennis Leary (in an homage to Steve McQueen with that hairdo) is much subdued as the cop and Faye Dunaway (in a nice casting touch, appears as the unnecessary psychiatrist, but was also in the original 1968 version) has that Vaseline over the lens fuzzy look, and was looking and acting just fine. And I have to mention that Ben Gazzara appears in yet another movie - he is in almost every summer movie except Star Wars (or maybe he was in that too!)

Visual Art: Art was the STAR! All over the place...very enjoyable. The Metropolitan Museum (which clearly WAS the museum in the heist) insisted upon a disclaimer at the end of the film stating that the museum depicted was fictitious (HA!) because they did not want their security system compromised. I am adding 2 points for all of the art.

Pets: None - but with all of the art I really didn't notice the absence.

Sappy Factor: 2

Predictability Factor: 5

Length: 10 minutes under the Lobo 2-hour rule