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Movie Review: Titus

Story: Revenge is sweet..........and oh so violent! Produced, written and directed by Julie Taymor (The Lion King) and adapted from Shakespeares' Titus Andronicus this 2 hour and 40 minute roller coaster ride is visually brilliant, intellectually stimulating and very, very violent. We are jettisoned back and forth through time from ancient Rome to the present day with the constant theme of revenge and pay back (I thought it was interesting that part of this film was shot in Croatia where revenge is a constant long term theme as well). All of the major characters are done in by one horrifying act of brutality after another as a oneupmanship sport. This is a fascinating film but definitely not for everyone.

Acting: Everyone is over the top but this treatment of the play calls for this kind of acting. Anthony Hopkins is a bit Hannibal Lector-like at times but is always terrific and Jessica Lange is deliciously evil as Tamara the vengeful Queen of the Goths. All of the supporting cast is high energy and great.

Pets: Tigers, sheep and fantastic images galore.

Visual Art: Everywhere - the whole film is a visual treat for the eye.

Sappy Factor: -10

Quirky Meter: 7

Length: 40 minutes over the 2 hour rule