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Movie Review: Together

Story: Director Chen Kaige (Farewell My Concubine) delivers a sentimental, but honest story about a country bumpkin's dream that his son becomes a concert violinist. What he is willing to do for his son, the sacrifices he will make, the lengths he will go to - will surely win you over. Along the way we meet some stereotypical types such as the soft hearted gold digger and the tough teacher - all who could have been cartoons in less experienced directorial hands.

Knowing that director Kaige ratted out his own father during the Cultural Revolution makes the story even more meaningful. The story is ultimately about the relationship between a father and his son. And of course, redemption (one of my favorite themes) is also in the brew. Go, and have a good listen. It will do your heart some good.

Acting: The acting is right on target.

Predilection: I like foreign films (at least the ones that make it to the United States).

Critters: A chicken and lots of kitties.

Food: Lots of Chinese food. There is even Chinese take out.

Visual Art: Photos and posters.

Blatant Product Placement: One of the kids was wearing a Mickey Mouse sweater.

Soundtrack: Out of this world.

Opening Titles: Simple.

Theater Audience: A small crowd of devotees (one had a really loud cough).

Sappy Factor: 5

Predictability Level: High.

Tissue Usage: My movie buddy needed to borrow one of my always handy tissues.

Oscar Worthy: No.

Nit Picking: Needed some editing. It could have been shorter.

Big Screen or Rental: If you are longing for a nice heartwarming two hours than the big screen would be a good idea. For rentals about violins, how about Music of the Heart and The Red Violin?

Length: A little under two hours.