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Movie Review: Topsy Turvy

Story: British writer, director Mike Leigh (Life is Sweet, Naked, Secrets and Lies) historically has a boot camp approach to rehearsing with his actors and many parts of his scripts are created out of the improvisations that occur during these sessions. Sooooooo, set in 1884 London. We are treated to a leisurely work in progress approach to film-making. At heart is the madcap creation of Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta The Mikado. Meticulous attention is paid to period details including furnishings, language, current inventions, habits, society, class and of course the theater. A catalyst for the Mikado idea was the introduction of Japanese art and culture to the large Western world through popular expos. For my fellow art lovers out there - this is the same time period where our beloved French Impressionists were also introduced to and influenced by this Japanese Art. I know that this film has already been nominated for several awards and there is much Oscar talk.......but I don't think so. Interesting? -Yes! Fun?- Oh yes! Historically fascinating?-yes! A big departure from the previous work by Mike Leigh? - Most certainly! The best? - Absolutely not!

Acting: Absolutely great. Everyone from the principals to the walk ons are terrific. You will recognize many of the cast members from other Mike Leigh work and British film in general. Bravo to one and all.

Pets: None (alas)

Visual Art: Plentiful, colorful and wonderful

Sappy Factor: 0

Quirky Meter: 4

Length: Oh oh! 45 minutes over the 2 hour rule - Penalty is applied.