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Movie Review: Training Day

Story: I HATED THIS MOVIE! The ONLY reason I went to see this film was because both Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke got Oscar nominations for their roles in this dreadful film. Confused about how I really feel? Well, let me get right to the point. The story (if you can even call it a story) is contrived, cliche ridden, has over the top acting, ethnic and racial stereotypes, the overused bad cop-good-cop, rookie-veteran thing and did I mention the violence?

It all takes place on the first day of a rookie cops tour of duty in an undercover narcotics squad in Los Angeles - and it is a really bad day. As the rookie says in the best line of the film I should have been a fireman.

This films original release was scheduled for the week after September 11th but they chose to hold off for two weeks - since the police in this film are not the heroes we see in real life on September 11th. My opinion? It never should have been released at all. It is a BAD film.

Acting: Just because Denzel Washington plays a bad guy, for a change, does not mean he deserves an Oscar. I am a big fan of his but will NOT put this on a recommended Washington filmography list. Ethan Hawke simply does a lot of scowling and expressions of disbelief as if to say, How the heck did I get in this mess? (He is probably shocked he got the nomination, too. I bet he doesn't even go to the Award show but chooses to stay home in New York).

Critters: They even have a stereotypical dog - a pit bull.

Food: Some unrecognizable slop and lots of beer.

Visual Art: Stooooooooop!

Blatant Product Placement: Carta Blanca beer and Glock guns.

Soundtrack: Awful headache-type Rap crap.

Opening Titles: None.

Theater Audience: About five disbelieving souls.

Squirm Scale: Just the squirm factor of how awful the film was.

Predictability Level: Enormous.

Tissue Usage: We cried because we paid to see this piece of junk.

Oscar Worthy: Apparently.

Nit Picking: I don't even know where to begin with this one.

Big Screen or Rental: Neither. But here are some of my favorite Denzel Washington films: Devil in the Blue Dress, Malcolm X, Glory, Cry Freedom.

Length: 2 grueling hours.