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Movie Review: Trembling Before G-D

Story: A wonderful (albeit very sad) documentary about the conflict gay Orthodox Jews face in their community ... and the world at large. I am not sure what kind of wide appeal this film can possibly have but it was held over by popular demand at the one theater in NYC where it is playing. Directed by Sandi Simcha Dubowski and winner of the Best Documentary at last year's Los Angeles Outfest film festival, it is a tender fascinating look at a world rarely seen by 'outsiders'. The zealotry and passion of the Jewish Orthodox community that shuns its own members is all the more poignant after the horrors of September 11th and our embryonic understanding of the Islamic world and their various beliefs.

Acting: The four overlapping stories have 'real' characters so there is no acting. But they are all wonderful.

Critters: One exceptionally beautiful German (interesting choice of breed) Shepherd and two mules.

Food: A wonderful kitchen scene where Challah (traditional bread) is being braided and baked at home.

Visual Art: Great touches in the homes and offices ... obviously all real.

Blatant Product Placement: Documentaries are exempt from this category.

Soundtrack: Lots of great Klezmer music. (You expected something else?)

Opening Titles: Don't remember.

Theater Audience: Jam packed with quite a variety of New Yorkers.

Quirky Meter: 6

Predictability Level: Medium

Oscar Worthy: Yes

Nit Picking: There were a few too many endings. Each time the scene went to black I thought the film was over ... and then there was more.

Big Screen or Rental: I have a feeling you will not be able to find this on your local movie multiplex screen. You will probably have to rent this one.

Length: 90 minutes