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Movie Review: Twin Falls Idaho

Story: The quirky meter is off the charts in this one! (I think this will be a new category when appropriate). Twenty something conjoined (remember Siamese?) twins Blake and Francis Falls treat themselves to a hooker for their birthday present. We are treated to a voyeuristic view of what life is like for people so unlike ourselves. Or are they? The subjects of separation, love, jealousy, sharing, responsibility, life, death and caring are all handled without becoming sensationalistic. For a first film written and directed by the real life twins Michael and Mark Polish it is quite promising. I was fascinated and intrigued. Like my other weaknesses I have always been drawn to the idea of twins, but conjoined twins? Oh my!

Acting: Uneven, but good. Several cameo appearances by recognizable and aging actors such as Lesley Ann Warren and William Katt (remember when Ironside returned to TV and he had a young curly haired assistant?) were particularly enjoyable.

Pets: None (None required)

Art: Too dark to see any if there was any

Quirky Factor: 10

Sappy Factor: 2

Lobo Howls: 8