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Movie Review: The War Zone

Story: The painful, raw, uncomfortable topic of incest is handled brilliantly in the directorial debut of actor Tim Roth ( Little Odessa, Pulp Fiction, etc). Based on screenwriter Alexander Stuart's novel it depicts the very disturbing and strained relationships in this small coastal English family. The dialogue and character development are spartan but these family horrors do not need much explanation. This is not a holiday film - it is very graphic- and is certainly not for everyone but the imagery is powerful movie making. This is a must see film for those brave hearts out there. It is not easily forgotten when one leaves the theater.

Acting: Ray Winstone ( Nil By Mouth) is brilliantly hateful as the abusive father. Tilda Swinton (Orlando) is terrific as the preoccupied understated mother. Lara Belmont is frighteningly real as the abused teenage daughter and finally, Freddie Cunliffe says the most by saying almost nothing in his rage at the horrors he witnesses in his family.

Sappy Factor: minus 10

Quirky Meter: 5

Length: A difficult 99 minutes