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Movie Review: Who Get's to Call it Art?

Alternate Title: Beauty is in the Eye of the Curator

Story: Who would think a documentary about an art critic would be fun? Well, hang onto your paint splatters because this film is a lot of fun. Documentarian and director and Peter Rosen (http://www.peterrosenproductions.com/index.html) has delivered a nostalgic road trip to the fabulous art scene of the 1960's.

Henry Geldzahler lived a charmed life and became the Metropolitan Museum's first curator of contemporary art. He managed to solely curate the ground breaking exhibit in 1970 which comprised over 35 galleries at the Met and included 400 works. He made many of today's recognizable artists famous and pissed off many others by excluding them from the exhibit.

The life and times of Henry were fabulous. He hung around with his artists and appeared in many a portrait by these artists. The talking heads in the film include such luminaries as David Hockney, Larry Poons, Frank Stella, James Rosenquist, Mark DiSuvero, John Chamberlain, Ivan Carp and film maker Jonas Mekas. There are also wonderful film clips of Henry and his crowd including one of his best friends, Andy Warhol.

If you like art and want to test your artsy trivia knowledge check out this film.

Acting: There is no acting in a documentary but it is fun to watch Andy Warhol doing his thing which is very close to acting.

Predilection: I am an artist, like films about art and artists and generally am a documentary junkie.

Soundtrack: Why wouldn't the music be fun too?

Visual Art: Why wouldn't this be a candy store for your eyes? Want to see a black and white photo of Henry Geldzahler? Go to: http://www.robinsonarchive.com/viewImage.asp?curpic=17&cat=5&pid=570

Theater Audience: Who do you think was in the theater? It was filled with artists, art lovers and downtowners. We all laughed at the same things. For some reason I laughed the loudest.

Drift Factor: Who would take a chance to drift and miss all of the glorious color and witticisms?

Oscar Worthy: When would a documentary about an art critic win an Oscar?

Big Screen or Rental: Where could you go to see this film? I don't know if you will find this in your local theaters. Films about artists are often simply awful. You could have an art biopic marathon and also rent Vincent and Theo, Basquiat. Camille Claudel, Artemisia, Pollock, Frida, The Life and Times of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Crumb, El Greco, Gauguin the Savage, I Shot Andy Warhol, Kitty, Moulin Rouge, Savage Messiah, Steiglitz Loves O'Keeffe, Surviving Picasso, The Lovers of Montparnasse, The Naked Maja, The Picasso Summer, The Rothko Conspiracy, Vincent, Wolf at the Door and the Girl With a Pearl Earring

Length: 90 minutes