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Movie Review: The Winslow Boy

Story: All I needed was a good swift jolt to my cerebellum to remind me what good cinema is all about. In this film that takes place in 1911 London, there is not one time anomaly, morphed character, explosion or special effect, yet I was treated to a terrific 110 minutes of silver screen entertaiment. Based on a 1946 Terence Rattigan play (which was based on a true story) David Mamet's screenplay draws us into the story within the first five minutes. Young Ronnie Winslow is accused of theft and is expelled from the Royal Naval Academy. His family supports his innocence with all their resources. They in essence fight City Hall, only it is England, so they are fighting the Crown....oy! It is about justice, right, the good fight, class, gender and much more.

Acting: Nigel Hawthorne (understated elegance), Rebecca Pidgeon (Mamet's wife) and Jeremy Northam (mighty fine to look at) and everyone else is also terrific.